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Week 25 : Should we let people commit suicide when they are terminally ill?

Suicide is a very complicated issue that people don’t like to talk about. As healthy physical and mental people its hard to understand why anyone would want to kill themselves but when you are looking at the end of your life anyway is it right to blame someone for wanting to die in their own way?

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Diary #9 : Being Nice Doesn’t Sell…

This actually probably isn’t what you might think it is. Its under the Diary tag just because it was a random thought from me and as all the diary posts tend to be mine I thought I’d add it as such.

I follow the wonderful Twitter account of @IcebergLuffy a anime account that sparks weekly debates amongst its followers throughout Saturdays. I’ve had some riveting discussions with people all over the world about a wide variety of things from politics to morals, sexual inequality to whether or not you stream anime legally or illegally. Everyone has a interesting opinion and even though I don’t always join in the conversations (the Twitter user is American so the conversation starts at about 1am UK time meaning sometimes I feel I have nothing to add by the time I remember to check his feed) I read every single tweet he retweets. It reminds me of how big this planet is and just how different we all are.

His debate this week was “Could there truly be a perfect world / perfect society?” and whilst personally my answer to THAT I feel was cut and dry (in my opinion) a tweet that then garnered a extra two likes actually made me realise that we always need to be reminded that being nice doesn’t sell…

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365 Challenge : Bone of Contention

Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply – it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that.

Its hard for me really to think of something that I would want to use in this kind of experiment.

I guess I’ll take a debate we had the other week on Twitter and go with the opposing view from mine.

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365 Challenge : 180 Degrees

The last time I majorly changed my views on anything I guess was probably during the general election. I usually vote for Labour and it was the first time that I really didn’t feel like I could support the party. A lot of things that I believed in at the last election had changed when faced with having to think of it again.

Then again I think some of that is just down to bad communication with the voters.

I recently completely changed my view on David Tennant’s Doctor but that wasn’t really 180 degrees it was more a 10 degree shift to even worse then I remembered. I also went from thinking Flash Gordon was one of the best movies I’d ever seen to “why did I ever feel that way?”

Very rarely do I change my views on things though. Then again I tend to stay away from debates and if I do enter them end up spending most of my time angry at people. I’m a pretty stubborn person.