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Gotham : Under the Knife

I talked last week about how I quite like the Ogre and wouldn’t mind him being a much longer lasting villain then we’ve had so far. He’s lasting a few episodes but with each second of the episode Jim is getting closer and closer.

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Gotham : The Scarecrow

I apologize for being a week behind in the reviews, I did see it on time I just failed to review it until now and thought it would be stupid to miss a episode.

We follow on from the thrilling episode with a wonderful turn from Julian Sands as Gerald Crane father of the one day Scarecrow Jonathan Crane.

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Gotham : The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Another big name is being dragged out this week and that name is Crane. With Gotham’s ever growing villain gallery I’m hoping for something special this week.

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Gotham : What the Little Bird Told Him

The show has had a weeks break and we come back to follow on where we left off, on the trail of Jack Gruber also now known as the Electrocutioner.

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Gotham : Viper

The politics of Gotham really shined in the last episode (Arkham) bringing the big name gang families to the front. Falcone ended up on the losing end but unknown to Maroni he might have won the battle for Arkham but he’s been infiltrated by Oswald Cobblepot.

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