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WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup USA Qualifier

So we head to the states… Or at least we hand the show to the American’s as I don’t think WCPW went back to the States for the show. With a star studded line up you just have to hope that they join England, Germany and Japan at the top of the Qualifiers to watch.

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WCPW : State of Emergency

Commentary by Matt Striker and Jim Cornette for WCPW’s debut in the states. Taped during the WrestleMania weekend it saw a great line up.

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WCPW : Chain Reaction

We have literally had one person ask if we’d review WCPW after seeing me go on about it all the time on Twitter so I am going to give my one WCPW Twitter spamming fan what they want and write the review like I promised I would for Chain Reaction.

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