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Doodle Restart….

So I failed the challenge. I got let off when I was really ill but can’t really excuse myself right now even though I’m still a bit ill. Therefore here is a message…

I shall restart and try again possibly next week now. Gives me time to get my shit back together!

I need a number though. Pick a number, a high number, and it’ll be my goal to draw a doodle for that amount of days. Any number. Come on be brave and dare me to draw for x amount of days.

365 Challenge : Ready, Set, Go

Today’s challenge is just to write for 10 minutes straight so I’m going to write a short story based on a “I Dare you to Write” post from Tumblr (http://idareyoutowrite.tumblr.com/post/120156213122) and yes this whole blurb was part of the 10 minutes.

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