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Streaming now!

Hey guys!

Just to let you know that Anna is streaming right now, they are 4, count it FOUR, followers away from 50. If any of you out there want to go and drop her a follow or hang with her for the next few hours please feel free!


It would mean a whole lot to her if we can push her up past 50 today! So please give it a thought.

VOD(s) ~ Dragon Age : Origins // Danganronpa TO THE END // Sonic Adventure Sonic && Tails Play Throughs // Darkest Dungeon CLUTCH Ending // Dynamite Headdy // Slay the Spire FOR THE FIRST TIME!


Well that is because I have a lot of VODS to throw at you because I’ve been bad at uploading them and sharing them.

For more Pro Gamer moments LIVE catch us at https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89 next stream is 8am GMT Friday. (You heard this here first we playin’ Final Fantasy 7 and maybe chilling out for a hour afterwards with Slay the Spire or Darkest Dungeon.)

For my schedule for the next few weeks and just to hang with the Monday Cult join us on Believe In Monday, our Discord server https://discord.gg/yTTvzw

First up this week we finished Danganronpa! WOO! So we have Chapter 5 in two parts because of problems and then Chapter 6.


You’ll notice that we now have a starting screen for Twitch but I promise I’ll start recording after I’ve said hello to stream from now on because I leave it on for too long to be honest.

I also played a little Dragon Age the other day, the game crashed at one point and the end of the VOD is crap but we’ll go back to it at some point no doubt and will try again. That stream didn’t go well in the end. Also there is a lot of talking about my personal life apparently because Travis was in chat and yeah…


Then last week I did a play through of Sonic Adventure DX. Well the full Sonic and Tails play through’s which was fun. You just need to skip to the end of the Sonic one and see how Pro Gamer I am at fighting final bosses.

WAIT there is more!

I also had a quick dabble in three other games.

First up was Dynamite Headdy really only to show it to Sean and I was playing it badly so when he left I just gave up.

Then we had a great game of Darkest Dungeon where you just need to watch the last part. Honestly don’t know how I pro gamer’d my way out of that one.

Then finally I played Slay the Spire on stream on Tuesday, I wasn’t very good at it but I had people telling me what to do so got much further then I thought.


VOD : 24th February 2020 – Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc Chapter 4 // 60 Seconds! Two Attempts not to die

We have three VODs for you today from a mega long stream yesterday.

First up we got through Chapter 4 of Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc…

We got the message that we are now at least half way through which means the next stream of that might end up being cut up as I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a whole bunch more left of the game but the rest of it is very long. Can’t wait.

Next up I did two runs of 60 Seconds!

It is nice to have a chill out game at the end of Danganronpa and 60 Seconds! is a whole bunch of fun. I like games like it and hope to play it more on the stream.

I do have a VOD from today too, it isn’t as long as Streamlabs seemed to die on me at the end and the end of the VOD is a mess but I’ll upload it soon and post it and we’ll see where we have to start up from again next time we play Dragon Age : Origins.

You learn way too much about us in that VOD too by the way.

As always come follow us and join the fun when we go live at :


Anime and all that will resume pretty soon. My mental health has still been pretty all over the place and I’ve been streaming to make me feel better but I’m back at work now so hopefully after I finish I’ll be able to get up to date.

Sorry – Another Stream

So first up I want to apologise for being late with a bunch of stuff. I, as people now know, stayed up for over 30 hours the other day and my sleep schedule has not really been good to me. Plus I’ve been doing slightly weirder hours at work this week and been trying to stream a few days every week as well.

We are now pretty much up to date, I promise tomorrow is a website day, mainly because even if I hadn’t already marked this as a stream day I have a headache and can’t concentrate on writing anymore now, and I’ll get Pet, the anime highlights and today’s anime out after I get home from work.

Good news!

My hours are changing, if my newest rota is anything to go by I might now have 4 days off of work instead of 2. I have a few big gaps coming up too where I have 3 days off in a row, luxurious as that sounds and I’m hoping to get my sleep under control and use this new time for myself well to maximise the good work we stared with and I’ve let up.

Other good news.

We doing more Danganronpa in a bit. Making some noodles, getting some drinks and all set up and then join me over on Twitch for another chapter of Danganronpa! Later then I wanted but I wanted to get as much done today as possible.

Come join us and give us a follow to know when I’m live!


The Anxiety Experiment #9 : Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc Chapter 2 Or that video were Sakura touches a dead boys peen

I know what you are thinking, another VOD? Well get used to it because apparently my streams are here to stay…

To the point that we are about to go live with Stoneshard on Twitch in a few so join us there!


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Twitch Update!

So following a prolonged break from Twitch Streaming due to reasons Anna will be back for a few hours this week on Twitch in the afternoon (UK Time) to play a bit more Danganronpa and maybe even Stardew Valley.

We will hopefully remember to Tweet out links to this when it happens, because boy will Anna not want to, so why not go over to the Twitch page and give her a follow.

She’s Awerka89 over there : https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89

ALSO be patient with how crap it looks right now. All of Anna’s stuff to make any kind of graphic is on her old laptop which she currently doesn’t have access to. As soon as she does she’ll make a few new graphics for Twitch though she’s not good and it is all old stuff.

So get up on her back about it because she needs to start doing it at least twice a week and hopefully we’ll let you know and see some of you in the chat!

The Anxiety Experiment #7 : Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc – Prologue & Chapter 1

So notes. First up there are two videos not because I was great and finished a recording after the Prologue but because I stupidly turned off Streamlabs whilst trying to turn something else off and stopped my stream because I’m a moron.

Secondly when I started recording the second I put on Twitch in Chrome to check that the stream had started again and because my wire for my headphones is busted I didn’t realise that it was echoing in the background so for like 30 minutes of this video there might be a echo…

Also if you don’t know, Danganronpa is a Visual Novel so this basically means it is about 5 and a half hours all in all of me talking.

So enjoy my annoying voice.

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Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Hope Arc) [End]

The one off Hope Special promises to wrap up everything that has happened so far in the Danganronpa universe but especially both seasons of Danganronpa 3.

Despair, the Future and even Hope. The world is a horrible place but its all part of life.

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Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc) : It Is Always Darkest [END]

Episode 12

The final episode of the Future Arc is here. Will Despair win or will Hope win the war?

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Danganronpa 3 : The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Despair Arc) Final Thoughts

Recommended : Maybe

Ohhhh I hear you all going.

As a Danganronpa fan, a fan of the games the first anime series and the concept as a whole you might have thought it was a shoe in for being 100% go watch. It is only a maybe though so why?

First up this is only dealing with the Despair Arc, there will be a more general Danganronpa ANIME Final Thought blog when all the final episodes have aired (as well as a Future Arc one when that final episode airs next week.)

As for the Despair Arc what obviously went wrong? Or what also went right?!

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