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WrestleMania 2016 Review

The biggest show of the year. We are all ready for WrestleMania.

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Royal Rumble 2015 Review

It is me, Anna, reviewing the Royal Rumble tonight. My favourite event of the year.

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PPV Highlight : Royal Rumble 2015

So I’ve been saying I’ll do this kind of thing for ages and I thought the best place to start (and we do have some ready to go out later in the year too) would be reviewing the PPVs from last year that I didn’t last year because I wasn’t doing it at the time.

If there are any PPVs you want us to do in our PPV Highlight then just get in touch and let us know. For now though we look back on last years Royal Rumble.

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Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions

It is that time again to put down in a blog what I personally think will happen at a PPV. I’m not that bad at it but nowhere near as good as Anna and Alexx seem to be at it.

So here are my 2016 Royal Rumble predictions.

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SmackDown 1/14/16 Review

For the first time in a long time I’m pretty much on time with this thing. I deserve some applause.

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Best of… Male Wrestlers 2015

There was a lot of fighting over who to put in the top 10 and where they go. We think we came up with the best top 10 for us and guess who won the fight to name number 1 spot?

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WWE Payback 2015 Review

So we reach Payback. I have better feelings for Payback then I did for Extreme Rules.

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Payback 2015 Predictions

With Payback coming up tonight here are my predictions for the night. Matches in no particular order.

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The Road to Payback 2015

So along with my prediction blogs I thought every month if I have time I’ll talk about some of my favorite and least favorite stories leading up to each PPV.

So lets take a look at one or two of the stories and their “Road to Payback”.

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RAW Review 5/11/15

Triple H is back on the last RAW before Payback. Will he defuse the situation between his Authority members?

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