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DEFIANT Wrestling / IPW : Defiant #7

DEFIANT Wrestling is officially being controlled by IPW now. This week kind of feels a bit odd though because we got the announcements for the matches like usual at the end of the episode last week so it doesn’t really feel like this week WILL be under IPW control which… Seeing its only till the PPV in like 3 weeks time is kind of weird.

Oh well we get Bailey vs ZSJ. What more could you ask for?

(Other then Liam Slater vs Damien Dunne. Now that I might beg for.)

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DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #6

We have the DEFIANT Wrestling vs IPW story in full swing, we have a crazy preacher converting people to his side and we have Alex Gracie monologue-ing at himself on a nearly weekly basis. DEFIANT Wrestling has very much made their show a much watch every single week.

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