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Daily Doodle #17

  1. I know its bloody terrible – it is meant to be side on but I was trying to do it fast and couldn’t figure out where it was going wrong and couldn’t be bothered to try something else. Oh well.
  2. I also have one space left after being ill on Tuesday or Wednesday and not doing a doodle. I will get up with that and have a extra doodle out tomorrow (doodle 17.5 or some such.)
  3. I just about made it. The way our buses have changed meant I got home in time to post!

Doodle #16

Tomorrow is the start of the local wrestling shows for 2016 (I say local only one of the companies are local the other is more like a regional local) so obviously unless I finish the Doodle before I leave and have the time to upload it unfortunately it won’t be posted until Monday AFTER I’ve written my review of the wrestling I’m going to see. NEXT Sunday (24th) there is NO CHANCE IN HELL you’ll get a Daily Doodle as I’m off up to Taunton for another wrestling show (as I said regional local!) so will be up at the crack of dawn to get a train and won’t be back till Monday morning. I didn’t think about it this week but it should be OK if I get up early enough, next week I’ll take my drawing pad and maybe doodle something small on the train but I’ll finish next weeks big picture on the Saturday and post the whole of it on schedule but it isn’t really a true Daily Doodle and I’d feel bad claiming it as such.

THIS ALSO MEANS Still Open All Hours will be reviewed again on Monday and not live. SORRY!!!