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365 Challenge : Quote Me

“When you’re scared but you still do it anyway, THAT’S brave!”

The quote is from Neil Gaiman’s story Coraline. Its one I love so much I even wrote it on front of the calendar I had made for Anna for Christmas.

Its the simplicity in the explanation of being brave. It doesn’t put limits on it. Sometimes when people explain bravery you’d feel like you had to fight a giant dragon to just be considered a little brave, it stops people realising that personally a dragon can come in many shapes and sizes.

I’m not one that really finds myself needing to be brave a whole lot. In day to day life I don’t face something I’m scared of, when the time comes I like to think I am as brave as the next person but it depends on the situation. For me being brave is a once in a while thing, most of the time I’m just Amanda.

Shamefully I’mย  going to use fellow author on the site, Anna, as a example. I apologise.

For her every day is one filled with her struggling to find courage and be brave. I don’t think we applaud people like her enough when they find the bravery to overcome something we find mundane and normal.

My dragons come in many shapes and sizes, mainly things that could hurt me or others around me. For her the biggest dragon she faces is stepping outside her front door. We don’t tell her that she’s brave for overcoming a fear and doing something we do every day because we ourselves don’t get applause for leaving the house.

I wrote it on the calendar for her because I want her to remember every single day that when she’s scared but she does something anyway she is just as brave as if she’d just defeated a whole pack of Dragons (I don’t know the plural grouping of dragons… Do they even have one?) I’m super proud of her for many things she does because the fear she feels in so many ways has and can stop her living anything like a normal life. She puts her artwork up online, people think its vanity or just appreciate it, I applaud her for being brave enough to fight her fear that it’ll be laughed at. She goes to the wrestling and sits in a crowd then shares her experience with us, people read it and think its silly that she doesn’t like being in a room full of people when she obviously has fun, I applaud her for not only being brave enough to tackle her very big fear of crowds, her fear of walking into strange buildings, her fear of being talked to but also her fear of being noticed and having her opinion discussed and dissected. She walks to work now every day she’s working (other then when she’s ill) most people will go “so what?” I applaud her because she has to walk through a busy street full of people when one of her biggest fears is being around other people….

I could go on, and I do apologise using you as a example!

It comes down to this. In the story bravery is given no limits. Its simple. If you’re scared yet you still do something you’re brave. The most motivational thing I’ve ever read!

365 Challenge : Kick It

Bucket lists? I’ve never had one and probably never will.

I said yesterday that my New Year Resolutions are hardly something to talk about, simple things that I know I’ll either complete easily or which not completing will still make me smile when I get to the end of the year.

Years ago I had terrible news that I possibly would never be able to have children and since then making big lists of what I want to do with my life really doesn’t seem all that important. I tend to look at life one day at a time and don’t really make too many plans. There is nothing worse then looking at something you really want to do and knowing the probability of doing it is tiny. Its even worse when something on a list like that become impossible.

I guess I’m strange like that.

In fact I’m so strange that when giving advice to people who struggle to find motivation in life I tend to tell them to make a list even though my own version of a Bucket List I guess blew up in my face and made me miserable. Sometimes I feel terrible when my close friend comes to me with advice and I tell her to list things because I know how depressed I get with lists and I don’t even suffer from depression. For her though sometimes it works and that is good but I personally would never want to have a Bucket List of any sort.

365 Challenge : Resolved

New Year Resolutions?

I tend to make simple resolutions at the beginning of the year but I don’t go into the whole “New Year, New Me” stuff. It doesn’t interest me. As I don’t really don’t make resolutions to change myself I tend to do everything I’ll say I’ll do every single year.

That is where I think a lot of people don’t end up sticking to a resolution. Make a goal at the beginning of the year to focus on being happy, on saving a little more money, on making sure you get out and about more often. It’ll be easy to do, save ยฃ1 more then 2015, resolution done! You’ll get a positive buzz out of it before laughing at how silly it is. Look back on December 31st 2016 on whether you were happier this year then last and you’ll remember moments in both 2015 and 2016 that made you smile and you’ll be leaving 2016 with a smile on your face either way.

Make a resolution to change yourself? You have never been to the gym but you make a resolution to do so? Unless you truly WANT to go to the gym you aren’t going to carry on doing it, within a month or so you’ll be fed up of it… Maybe one or two people will find they enjoy it and keep on but the people who don’t will just make the same “promise” to themselves next year and will get nowhere.

Make it simple, make it easy to grab and make it something that’ll make you happy either way when we leave 2016. The best way to deal with resolutions!