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Austin Powers : Goldmember (2002)

The third and so far last of the adventures of Austin Powers meets even newer threats along with the same old same old threats and a lot of 60s flair.

A new evil base, a new evil plan and a new adventure for Austin and his new partner.

I didn’t feel the second film matched up to the first but can the third save the series?

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Austin Powers : The Spy who Shagged me (1999)

After the huge success of the first movie a sequel was always going to come around and so it did in 1999. Starring Mike Myers once again as the title character and main bad guy Dr. Evil and with a whole string of new henchmen and spies the second movie attempted to do what the first one did bigger, better and faster.

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Austin Powers : International Man of Mystery (1997)

Can you believe it has nearly been 20 years since Austin Powers first danced onto our screens and stole our hearts.

Staring Mike Myers as both Austin Powers and his nemesis Dr. Evil the film was a much quoted beast of a film. It was a icon of my young life and a film that always makes me laugh no matter how long its been between watching it. A parody of spy films that spawned two sequels.

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Halloween (2007)

In 2007 Halloween was rebooted by Rob Zombie. It was a remake of the original movie with a bit of a twist, it brought back all the normal characters, Michael Myers, Laurie and Dr Loomis and gave it a new tale.

Zombie did something different by actually giving Michael’s backstory to us on a plate making the film both a prequel and a remake at the same time. It was modern, it was grungy and it was different.

It took money but didn’t seem to garner many great reviews in one of many attempts at rebooting the 80s Slasher Franchise’s (even though this one technically started in the 70s.)

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