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DEFIANT Wrestling : Lights Out 2018

Sorry its late but I’ve been doing nights and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit and watch it, though there is a good chance I won’t be watching it in one piece anyway.

The last few weeks of DEFIANT have been kinda meh but Lights Out looks to be one of the best PPVs they’ve done so far.

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WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup English Qualifiers

Its very late and been sat in my drafts for too long thanks to work commitments. I unfortunately this is being completed whilst having watched only about half of the Scottish Qualifiers and facing another day at work but I’m hoping to get it out before Sunday evening.

Late but gonna post it anyway. The English Qualifiers.

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WCPW : Bulletproof

The sad news is I’m missing my local wrestling show this week, the happy news is to make up for it I’m going to continue with reviewing WCPW who had yet another great live show up this week, unfortunately I had to wait for it to come up on Demand on WhatCulture Extra as I was working (I’m also working Saturday night so missing when they upload the English qualifiers for the World Cup) but here it is, another review to keep my one fan happy.

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