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5 Things… 5 Christmas Fantasy Worlds I’d love to Visit

I’m a sucker for Christmas time and am happy to share with you the places I’d love to and do in my head spend my Christmas.

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Let’s Talk… Robot Santa

What happens in a world that starts making Robots for just about everything? Well Futurama showed us the way with good old Robot Santa.

Board up your windows and stuff your chimneys if you want to survive Christmas time in New New York.

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5 Things… 5 Wintery Pokemon I’d love to be friends with

So I am a geek that loves Pokemon and with Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee keeping me company this winter I thought we’d look at 5 Wintery Pokemon that at this time of the year I would love to be friends with.

Please feel free to tell me yours in the comments below!

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Merry Christmas!!!!

From everyone here on BelieveinGeek.com we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! If you don’t celebrate Christmas then we hope you have a lovely day all the same!

We asked our own real life Humbug to draw us a picture to celebrate…. It isn’t very Christmassy but then she’s not the type to be Christmassy!

We have our year in review blogs starting next week, and normal service the week after. Or at least as normal as our service ever is!

Better photos of each drawing will be put on Anna’s Instagram and hopefully as long as she remembers on our Facebook page – so follow either to see in better detail the first time she drew Saitama (and what the chibi Eddie Ryan looks like without a blue light seemingly shining through his chest!)

No doubt we’ll all be back on Boxing Day to reveal some of our favourite pressies! Hope you all get what you want for Christmas, have a lovely holiday period and once more we’d love to thank everyone who has touched the lives of our authors this year in any which way.

We love you all!!!



Month in Photos : November

I guess this month felt a little longer for me because I had a eye on this blog the whole time. Then again its felt longer then usual because I’ve had two weeks off on holiday and the two weeks before that I was doing full time hours! So it sped by for two weeks then dragged for another two.

I’ve had some fun this month though, it was Bonfire night and I got to walk a excited 6 year old all the way home whilst watching a load of them in our area (it wasn’t actually Bonfire night at the time!) I went to see the Christmas lights get switched on and obviously went to another wrestling show.

My favourite photo for the month is very obviously my Trafalgar Law Transponder Snail. Look at this little guy! Can’t believe I drew him! (It was actually my photo layout thing for Instagram of Eddie Ryan’s boots but I don’t seem to have put it in my folder and can’t be bothered to upload another photo…. Bummer!)

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Christmas Advent

This year Believe in Geek have decided to get into the Christmas spirit. Like our Halloween event it’ll be a countdown to Christmas, this time not made up at the last minute and disorganized.

We plan on bringing you book reviews, music and random thoughts and traditions all leading up to Christmas.

If you don’t like Christmas we’ll have plenty Christmas themed but not quite Christmas blogs as well.

So in between our normal blogging duties please enjoy our Christmas Advent Countdown.