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Cheer Danshi!! Final Thoughts

Recommended : 100% YES

When I read that it was a anime about male cheerleaders I didn’t have a clue what the hell I’d be getting into.

It turned out to be one of my all time favourite shows.

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Cheer Danshi!! : Cheer Boys!! [END]

Episode 12

I’ve had a horrible few weeks so put off watching the end of the series that made me so very happy. Now it is time to watch the end though.

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Cheer Danshi!! : Bittersweet Valentines

Episode 11

The penultimate episodes, so much to get through before we ultimately end up at Finals. Will Haru finally make up with his sister? Exciting times.

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Cheer Danshi!! : What I Wanted to Tell You

Episode 10

Another step closer to the end of the season, with qualifiers looming there are still some stories yet to play out personally for the boys in the Breakers. Will they be able to pass the qualifiers and sort their personal lives out?

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Cheer Danshi : The Dawning of a Bond

Episode 8

Hisashi and Andou seem to be unable to work Β together so it isn’t looking too positive for the Breakers going into their first tournament…

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Cheer Danshi!! : Re.Start

Episode 6

So there was a recap episode that I don’t think added too much to it, Episode 6 introduces us to brand new members and the start of the team heading towards a goal!

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Cheer Danshi!! : Let’s Go, Breakers!!

Episode 5

We have enough people to enter the festival AND a name. Things are looking up for the boys in Breakers.

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