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ChäoS;Child : Takuru Miyashiro

Episode 11

“Kare no tatakai” (彼の戦い)

All the pieces have fallen into place and we now know just who is pulling the strings. What will Takuru do now that he knows the mastermind behind the serial killings?

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ChäoS;Child : Duel

Episode 9

Well… We might be off to face the actual killer. If the killer is who they say it is then I was right all the way back when I announced my suspicions on them.

Then again the amount of U-turns and crazy theories in this series leaves it open to being another misunderstanding.

Probably not this time right?

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ChäoS;Child : Betrayal

Episode 7

Just when you think the murders will end…. Episode 7 happens and leaves you in a puddle of tears.

Trust me, I like gore and I like horrible things but even I broke at this episode.

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ChäoS;Child : Their Resistance

Episode 6

With the pieces of the puzzle fallen into place it feels like the characters have all the corner pieces they need to start actually working this mystery out. From episode 1 its been highly dramatic now they need to figure out how to survive.

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