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Berserk : Spirit Realm

Episode 17

Yuukai: Kakuriyo (幽界-かくりよ)

The last episode saw Guts and his crew end up at the Witch Flora’s mansion in the woods so that Horace, a old man they met on their journey, can ask for help with Trolls that have attacked his village. What lays in the mansion for Guts and his band we don’t know.

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Berserk : Forest of Demonic Beasts

Episode 16

“Kemono Oni no Mori” (獣鬼の森)

Its been a while since I actually sat down and watched a few of these episodes so without going back to the ones I have reviewed I’m starting these from scratch and going in cold.

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Berserk : Banner of the Flying Sword

Episode 3

“Hi Ken no Mihata” (飛剣の御旗)

The double episode beginnings of this series has given us the chance to see how Guts group got back together whilst seeing Griffith make his bold statements. They were the stone that will eventually turn into a avalanche.

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Berserk (2016) Final Thoughts

Recommended : 100% YES

Berserk is a well loved series, many of its fans were waiting for this series for so long and others like me hardly know a damn thing about it but enough to just sit back and enjoy it.

I’d recommend it any day of the week but it was also one of the weakest series I watched this season. So why?

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Berserk : Those Who Cling, Those Who Struggle

Episode 12

Sugaru Mono, Mogaku Mono (すがるもの, もがくもの)

4 days late but the finale of Berserk has aired. Did it do justice to the series or did it end on a low note?

Lets face it that is the only important question as Guts is hardly going to die to a giant blood blob now is he?

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