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365 Challenge : Shipwrecked

Today we were told to look at the story of Richard Parker and Tom Dudley and answer whether we think it was defensible or whether we’d do it or not.

The story basically goes that they were shipwrecked and after one member of crew got ill from drinking seawater they killed him and ate him to survive.

You know I don’t know if I’d ever be able to eat someone, even if it was them or my life! I wouldn’t like to say whether in self defence I’d be able to kill someone but I really would never be able to kill someone just to eat them!

Then again I’ve never been hungry enough or lacking water enough to have to consider this! I guess why so many people can excuse them is that they know that in such severe conditions you’ll look for anyway to survive. It doesn’t have to be a nice way to do it it just needs to keep you alive. Until you’ve been in that position there is no point getting on a high horse because we all cherish our own lives and to be in a position like they were in you don’t know how you’d really act.

I just don’t think I’d ever be able to eat a person!

Probably the reason I can’t think of it is we’re conditioned not to think about it. Cannibalism is illegal (as obviously is murder) and you are taught from the youngest of age to respect every human life (whether you do or not is up to the individual of course and the people that don’t are for a different discussion!) so unlike the animals meat eaters eat on a daily basis we put humans on a platform above everything else so the thought of eating each other is ludicrous. When you think deeply about it though why would I be so against eating a human yet I happily eat animals? If a chicken was on board the shipwrecked ship I’d gladly eat it! So I guess one thing I haven’t thought about whilst writing this is WHY we think we’re any better then the other animals in the world? Because we have so deemed it? Morally it is wrong for them to have killed another human, a ill human who was possibly going to die regardless but it wasn’t wrong for them to drag a turtle on board and eat that? Why did mankind put ourselves above other creatures on this earth anyway?

To be quite honest though I think if offered a human hand to eat or a cup of my own urine I’d pick the hand! Even if it was my own hand!

What I have learnt from this particular challenge is seemingly that I would be the first to be killed and eaten, therefore if I am ever shipwrecked and it comes to the killing someone to eat them and survive stage I will willingly sacrifice myself as the weakest member of the crew.

I don’t think I could do it. I think I’d probably die a long time before that though as I’d never be able to drink pee.

Then again my life has never been in that position so who knows what I’d do to survive!