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Plymouth Wrestling Association : September Slam

So I said I wasn’t going to another PWA show but then had a free ticket so went, I also said I wouldn’t review it but it was such a good night I’ve completely changed my mind on that too.

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I’m not going to Pride’s return to Taunton but a match that is cruelly testing me has just been announced for the event.

That’s right! After Josh Knott stole the Catch Division Trophy last Sunday here in Plymouth Ultimo Tiger sent out a challenge for the self proclaimed New Champion on Facebook.

We didn’t have to wait long for Pro Wrestling Pride to announce that they would be having a re-match in a Ladder match at their big Taunton show (which also stars EC3, Adam Rose and Melina.)

The last two matches these guys have been in have been amazing, this ladder match looks to be possibly the icing on the cake. It will be a must have DVD for my collection the absolute SECOND it is released and if you can get to Taunton on October 30th you must. That was the only match in the world that would tempt me away from the show I’m going to but I’m going to be good.

As far as I can see the only other match confirmed is Eddie Ryan vs EC3 in what will be a belter of a match no doubt. Melina will be there to crown a new Women’s Champion. Adam Rose’s opponent has yet to be announced though I’d love to see him up against Mr Massive…. Actually no I wouldn’t. If that match gets announced you’ll never hear from me again as I might just explode with gloominess! 

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CPW Featuring PJ Black @ Bodmin

The first time I’ve ever been to a mid-week show. I stopped myself watching male cheerleaders, playing Despair inflicting video games and trying to understand Twin Peaks long enough to get a train down to Bodmin for a night of wrestling with mother, Karla and Rich.

I lead a hectic life as you can see…

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LEP 13 Review

So I went to LEP’s Plymouth show at Stonehouse, never been to a LEP show but thought we’d go and see them.

Unlike PWA and Pride this show is a academy show, even though there are plenty of my favourites on the card there are also plenty of trainees and younger guys on the show too. So it should be a good night.

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OFFICIAL : Eddie Ryan vs Chris Andrews for Pride’s return to Plymouth

If you read  the review of Heroes & Legends or was lucky enough to be there and witness it (if you weren’t you can pick up the DVD now on their website for only £10! It is well worth the money you’ll spend ) you’ll know that Chris Andrews won the Pride Rumble to pick a fight with one of the champions.

He picked that fight with the Heavyweight Champion, The English Lion Eddie Ryan in Eddie’s own hometown of Plymouth in September.

It is now not only official but has a really cool poster…

This match is going to be amazing. Its the match you really don’t want to see but you really REALLY want to see. Whether you are Team Lion or Team Shark its safe to say these two are going to put up a fight.

The tickets are going VERY fast and with Raven and Grado as well as all the Pride favourites all appearing at this show its easy to see why.

So go and get some tickets (http://www.prowrestlingpride.com/store/p162/PWP_live_-_Plymouth_Guildhall_-_Sunday_Sept_4th_-_Quote_the_Raven.._It%27s_Yersel.html) go join the event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/825163627616810/) and see one of the best UK promotions put on a epic show. This match will be worth every penny you spend on tickets and to get there. Don’t miss out.

Pride Promotions : Heroes & Legends 3

Only two weeks after their big RVD show in Taunton, Pro Wrestling Pride were back with another card full of championship matches, wrestling legends and some rather special guests.

It was up on the Minibus from Plymouth to Paignton for Heroes & Legends 3.

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Round up of Prides news this week…

So as I know that James likes to be kept up to date with things, I’ve not been able to really keep up with anything this week as I’ve been busy so here is a handy guide of everything Pro Wrestling Pride have announced this week.

Starting with….

If you can get to Paignton next weekend you might want to go follow their Facebook page and Share, Like and Comment on this post :


You have till Monday to do it, so get too it. Feel bad I didn’t share it beforehand but as I said I’ve been extremely busy.

So we’ll start obviously by talking about that show and the match announcements for it…

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