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The Hunger Games Prequel – Is Giving Snow a Story Really a Bad Thing?!

I haven’t really looked at the news of a possible prequel to one of my favourite series of books yet but it was in the news the other day with the tag line that people were unhappy that Snow would be the focus because they didn’t want him to be humanized.

It left me wondering.

Isn’t it more dangerous to present a villain like Snow without telling us why he is the way he is?

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Week 49 : What was your favourite book as a child?

I love reading, I am always reading something. I have too many books and never enough time to even start to think about reading them, there are so many unfinished stories in my library it is painful to think about.

What started this off?

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I guess a little update…

So we messed up people!

We didn’t really think Halloween through at all this year and with Madoka Magica now being over we only have a few days left of Halloween and nothing to really fill the gap with.

SOOOO instead, because season 3 of Zapped is back Amanada, who has reviewed 2 of 3 episodes of season one and 1 of 6 of season two is just going to spam all 11 episodes over the next week and we’ll forget that it is Halloween on Thursday and do better next year.

In past years we’ve done film reviews during this season, we only did the first two days with film reviews because… To be honest none of us have really watched any horror films at all this year let alone this month and didn’t feel that Halloween-y this month to do it either. We’ve gone through all our favs, Halloween, Friday 13th and Nightmare so next year we’re thinking of doing Hellraiser and Leprechaun with a few different ones here and there.

What we REALLY want to know though is what anime horror series would you like us to do next year?

We’re already planning on doing the entire Parasyte binge but we’d like to hear from you if there are any horror series we haven’t already gone through that you’d like to be featured next year. So let us know in the comments, even if it isn’t anime related…

What horror stuff do you want us to do next year?

Let’s Talk… Boxer the Horse

So if you haven’t ever read it Boxer is the horse from George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”, it is a satirical piece looking at Stalinism and how it just doesn’t work because there is always someone who will be in charge and will take advantage of those below them.

Whilst I’d always heard about the book and the message people tend to talk a lot about the pigs and the underlying message. I personally want to look at the real hero in my opinion of the entire story and that is Boxer the Horse.

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The Human Chair by Junji Ito

So you might recall that I fell in love with Edogawa Ranpo and especially his story The Human Chair. With a anime series being made of another Japanese Horror writer, Junji Ito, I have been introduced to his writing and found to my surprise that he wrote a sequel to Ranpo’s Human Chair.

Was it as good?

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The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige

The sequel to Dorothy Must Die see’s us return to Oz to follow on Amy Gumm’s journey to kill Dorothy Gale and return Oz back to its glory.

It might have taken over a year to buy the second book but I have finally brought it and my oh my what a sequel it is…

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Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

After admitting to someone at work that I wanted to read the series after seeing him read it on break I finally got around to buying the book (to stop him moaning at me mainly) and thanks to being very ill today I managed to read it all in one sitting.

The question is did I like it?

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The Human Chair by Edogawa Rampo

I know that these stories are just short stories but I felt compelled to write about them individually.

I brought “Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination” after being told that I’d probably like Edogawa Rampo’s writing more then the anime based off of his work (Ranpo Kitan) and as I tried to do a book challenge on Goodreads at the end of last year (and going back to do it again this year with 100 books!) which didn’t go well. Its been on my bookcase ever since as I read a few of the other books I’d brought at the time but after finishing “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” series it was the closest book to me as I went to catch the bus to work and The Human Chair was the first story in the book.

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My Beef with Dumbledore

This might seem like it is coming out of nowhere but I’ve just finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone for possibly the millionth time and not for the first time in my life something bothered me about Dumbledore.

After reading all the books I realised it could really turn you off a guy….

(QUICK NOTE : Obviously not to be taken too seriously so back off Dumbledore fangirls.)

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365 Challenge : Third from the top

I’m not really a TV person. It might seem strange but I very rarely bother with the TV. When looking for a TV show I am pretty picky. I need to find something good. Something that would make get me hooked from the get go and excited about the next episode but not only that. It has to feel like it has that magic spark right from the get go.

Very rarely do I ever get that feeling.

I also get bored very easily so if I start second guessing things then I start to go off the show and I’m not very good with catch up so if I miss one thing I never bother with it again.

I prefer books.