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365 Challenge : Third from the top

I’m not really a TV person. It might seem strange but I very rarely bother with the TV. When looking for a TV show I am pretty picky. I need to find something good. Something that would make get me hooked from the get go and excited about the next episode but not only that. It has to feel like it has that magic spark right from the get go.

Very rarely do I ever get that feeling.

I also get bored very easily so if I start second guessing things then I start to go off the show and I’m not very good with catch up so if I miss one thing I never bother with it again.

I prefer books.

365 Challenge : Share the Love

So I said on Twitter that we have failed the challenge but we’ll still continue even though its been failed twice.

Today I need to tell you about another blogger who influenced my online journey….

So boringly I’ll have to tell you about Anna!

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Wrestling Review Showdown!!!

It has come to my attention that there is a voice of dissent in our readership over who is the better wrestling reviewer.

So we thought to take it to a vote!

Note : We aren’t planning on going anywhere with these results, after all we’re all friends here so its not like we’re going to fire Pete even though he’s three weeks late with wrestling posts!

Soooo who will it be?

Do you prefer the loud and brash Detroit boy Petonyo?

Or the fan girl Super (apparently Halloween) Banana of Plymouth Anna?

Does the overly opinionated ramblings of a mad man make you happy? Or do you prefer the laid back and happy style of our resident grump?

Someone will get a prize, the other will just be even more bitter and miserable then usual. Pick fast!

Plus of course we’d love to hear WHY you prefer who you pick! So either leave us a message below or tweet/Facebook/Tumblr your reasons to us. We’d love to hear!

Maybe this will get Pete’s butt into gear to get back up to date!