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365 Challenge : Twenty-Five

There are 26 letters in the English language, and we need every single one of them. Want proof? Choose a letter and write a blog post without using it. (Feeling really brave? Make it a vowel!)

Chosen letter : A

So how to write my post without using the chosen letter?


Not sure if I know enough words to write without it. Truly picking one vowel for this is the stupidest thing to do. Right now I’m not sure this is working. I think I need to give up…….


Well that didn’t go well. Everything seemed to have a A in it. Its true that we need all these letters, yet there was a time when I was really worried that we were going to lose any real words in favour of TXT SPK which I never got. I used to bombard people with 20 messages, hell with the charge, just to make sure I had perfectly spelt everything. Of course I didn’t do it in a anal way because I am not the best when it comes to spelling or grammar even though I try my hardest but I still thought it was important to try. Something that was lost on people like my sister.

Even with other letters I’m not sure I’d be able to make much sense. Every letter is in more words then you might think. The only letter I think I could easily leave out is Z or maybe X.

It would be a good exercise over a number of days to write sentences and then try to find other ways to word those sentences with the specific goal in mind to eliminate a letter from existence but I personally don’t think I’ll ever be smart enough to do that.

365 Challenge : All about you

The title of the blog was a joint decision.

How many times have we told the story of how we made this place up? I’m sure you are sick to the back teeth of hearing about it.

Basically Anna had run a Bruno Senna website, she’d given that up and started her own. She used to review everything on there from TV shows to wrestling, events she was going too and anime. Lots and lots of anime. She caught up from the beginning of Fairy Tail and wrote about it on there.

At the same time a load of us who had been part of the site she’d done before were finding it hard to keep in touch so we all together made our forum up. We didn’t have a clue what to call it and didn’t really care whether anyone actually ever joined as it really was just so we could have a easier place to talk. Anna’s personal blog at the time was called “Dark mind of a Geek” because at the time she was very depressed and she thought it was emo enough to get the point that she hated the world. So we were thinking about a interesting name and it just kind of popped out of nowhere “Geek Mind”.

Of course when we came to make this blog we did a few searches and found out that there was already plenty of websites with a variation of Geek Mind in them.

How “Believe in Geek” came about I can’t really remember but it was just us throwing ideas at the wall, googling them to see how many results came up with similar titles and then finding the one we thought was best. I think it might have been Rick that came up with it.

Even though Anna has been here from the beginning the decision to start the blog and her coming on board took months, we didn’t want to start without her so BelieveinGeek.wordpress.com was a lonely desolate place. Then we finally got her to join in and she basically abandoned her own blog and made this one her new home.

What does it mean to us?

It means the world.

We get to talk about the things we love and things we don’t love and keep up to date with each other. We’ve met some lovely people from different sites and from around the web. We had so much fun doing Doctor Who stuff for the anniversary year and even though there were plenty of projects we started and never finished it was just fun thinking them up! Its been such a positive experience for Anna and so nice to see everyone take it to heart.

We’d love for more people to join in and chat with us, from our comments you can tell that we’re all very chatty people! We love to talk, even if it gets heated its always in good nature and we just love being in the middle of a discussion. Even without you guys who view these posts and like them (or sharing them on other social media outlets) interacting with us we still get to see what each other are up to and hear some of the strangeness that lurks inside our heads. Specially Pete’s.

We’ve tackled one thing that we really wanted to do this year which was to be active every single day, its very rare for this blog to be the only blog up on any given day so its nice to see we’ve put our hearts into it. I feel like people who follow us can really start to believe in us now and that can only mean the beginning (even if its taken a few years!) of our blog rocketing off!

Wrestling Review Showdown!!!

It has come to my attention that there is a voice of dissent in our readership over who is the better wrestling reviewer.

So we thought to take it to a vote!

Note : We aren’t planning on going anywhere with these results, after all we’re all friends here so its not like we’re going to fire Pete even though he’s three weeks late with wrestling posts!

Soooo who will it be?

Do you prefer the loud and brash Detroit boy Petonyo?

Or the fan girl Super (apparently Halloween) Banana of Plymouth Anna?

Does the overly opinionated ramblings of a mad man make you happy? Or do you prefer the laid back and happy style of our resident grump?

Someone will get a prize, the other will just be even more bitter and miserable then usual. Pick fast!

Plus of course we’d love to hear WHY you prefer who you pick! So either leave us a message below or tweet/Facebook/Tumblr your reasons to us. We’d love to hear!

Maybe this will get Pete’s butt into gear to get back up to date!