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My Life As a Playlist Week 6

This might again not be the best thought out blog in the world. Some weeks songs go straight to my head but as I’ve done nothing this week…. Again… Plus I’m waiting to go out and didn’t think through how much time I’d have today to think these things out today.

So… Songs and reasons.

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Angry Birds (2016)

Angry Birds as you probably are all aware was a hit mobile game that took the world by storm. For people like me who has no patience with games like that the whole craze might have passed you by but even I had to raise a eyebrow and wonder how a game about throwing birds at pigs was going to be turned into a movie.

In 2016, and in the US on my birthday no less, Angry Birds was out in cinema’s and with a fantastic voice cast and a soundtrack full of some of my favourite country singers.

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