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Berserk : Epiphany

Episode 4

“Keiji” (啓示)

Guts continues his journey. After losing Farnese who knows where he’ll end up.

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Beserk : The Branded Swordsman

Episode 1

“Ryūkoroshi no taiken” (竜殺しの大剣)

Will it be Reviewed : Yes

Until further notice even though all reviews are co-written by me and Luc as we tend to watch them together or at least send each other our opinions and we blend them into the reviews, all reviews (as with everything else) will be done by me.

I have a feeling most people know what Berserk is so I won’t go into detail. I don’t remember Berserk very well myself, I don’t remember much so something I watched as a kid is hardly going to be remembered well, but I do remember the game extremely well, if not the story.Something that I will always remember about Berserk is just how powerful it is. Story wise as well as design wise. It packs a punch.

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