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Bem : Betrayal

Episode 10

FINALLY a semi-interesting episode even if it is way too late to be having this kind of stuff going on.

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Bem : Falling

Episode 9

This series has been mixed.

Mixed is about the only word I can think for it.

From some really good episodes to some weird story telling to whatever the hell Sweeper was. It has been super mixed.

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Bem : Sweeper

Episode 5

So we return to the kind of ridiculous world of Bem. With the over the top Batman-esque villains, the main character who is a mystery and another who is just kind of there. Two child side kicks and yeah…

If you haven’t got the point it is all a little Batman like.

Just not as fun.

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Bem : Lightening

Episode 4

It is hard to figure out whether I love or hate this show. Whilst the characters are interesting and the world is different and I want to explore it it also feels like there is nothing truly connecting anything that is happening or giving us any reason to care for it.

So lets see if Lightening does any different.

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