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Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice (2016)

I am no fan of Superman and have little interest in the DC Expanded Universe. I was one of those strange people who at the announcement of Ben Affleck being Batman got really excited and went to see the movie PURELY because of the Batfleck.

DCs first step to opening up their universe like the MCU see’s the two biggest DC heroes battle it out. With the help of Wonder Woman and of course the always helpful Lois Lane.

With bad reviews and no one I know enjoying the movie I didn’t go into it hoping for much…

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Gotham : Rise of the Villains : Damned if you Do….

I can not tell you how impressed I was with the first season of Gotham. The second season looks to be even better. I’ve been waiting for it to premier but where do we go from here?

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Gotham : The Mask

The game has changed ever so slightly, the pieces on the chessboard (and yes I can imagine Robin Lord Taylors Penguin easily playing chess with the pieces carved like the characters) is starting to move and the players are starting to become clear.

Last week Gordon (and a drunk Bullock) made a stand that won’t be forgotten too soon.

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Gotham Episode 1

If there is one franchise that I actually care about in the DC universe it’ll be Batman. Whereas I find most of their other heroes bland and pointless Batman has always held a place close to a lot of peoples hearts. Whether its old style Batman TV shows, Batman films, Batman comic books or Batman cartoons, at least for my generation Batman has been THE Hero that everyone knows.

The other thing that makes Batman so great in my opinion is the care taken to establish every character, whether good or bad or a bit of both. No character is left without a story as to why they ended up where they are now.

Gotham, the new TV series, has promised to dive into the back story of not only some of our favorite villains but also to James Gordon, everyone’s favorite Police Commissioner.

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