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Babylon : Decision

Episode 10

Ketsui” (決意)

We are still on the trip of some people’s lifetimes with Babylon.

I’m far past understanding what is going on but we’re here and we will be till the bitter end.

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Infinite Dendrogram : The Beginning of Possibility

Episode 1

Kanōsei no Hajimari” (可能性の始まり)

Another VR Game series that doesn’t have any dodgy side story where the main characters are stuck in the world yet completely different from Since I Don’t Like Pain.

Another fun world to dive straight into.

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Babylon : Hope

Episode 8

kibō” (希望)

You remember there was that really good anime?

Confusing, all over the place but usually pretty interesting?

Yeah I didn’t remember it till it popped up as being updated either and this last gap of over a month is not going to help it feel any better then it did before.

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