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Assassination Classroom : Summer Festival Time

First Period

“Natsumatsuri no Jikan” (夏祭りの時間)

So without further ado lets just go straight into Season 2.

It starts where the last episode ended, the last evening of their holiday….

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Assassination Classroom : Nagisa Time

Episode 22

“Nagisa no Jikan” (渚の時間)

As I was catching up there is no time to wipe a tear and think about Season 1. There is no point as I’m going to write this review, sit down and watch episode 1 of Season 2 and then just move on. I will have a review of sorts of Season 1 as a whole up at some point purely for our new Anime section which we’re working on.

Regardless. Back to Nagisa, his knife and Takaoka.

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Assassination Classroom : Takaoka Time

Episode 21

“Takaoka no Jikan” (鷹岡の時間)

We are running through assassins like nobodies business and no we’re nearing the end game. The title of the episode gives it away, the actual anime named it XXX Time until the big reveal in the middle. Seeing I’m way late on the episode though I felt no big need to keep the title hidden.

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Assassination Classroom : Karma Time / 2nd Period

Episode 20

“Karuma no Jikan: Ni-jikan-me” (カルマの時間・2時間目)

The last episode saw the remaining class mates face off against some top level assassins and infiltrate the bad guys base. With Karasuma down, Irina elsewhere and Koro-Sensei a ball of unhelpfulness how will they get to the top floor?

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