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Daily Doodle #26

Ladies and gentlemen…

It isn’t finished because I haven’t got enough colours to finish it but its looking good so far! Its the biggest project I’ve done because obviously I usually just do heads or one person at a time.

Assassination Classroom : Before & After

Episode 6

“Bifō Afutā no jikan” (ビフォーアフターの時間)

Something a little different is in store for Class 3-E this week as they learn a very important lesson.

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Assassination Classroom : Spinning Time

Episode 4

“Tsumugu Jikan” (紡ぐ時間)

Last week was the final battle between Itona and Koro-Sensei, it ended up not with one or the other losing but both winning. Koro-Sensei survived once more and Itona became free from the clutches of Shiro and the tentacles that were slowly killing him.

This week we get to see how Itona is fitting in with the class.

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