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Assassination Classroom : Leader Time

Episode 5

“Rīdā no Jikan” (リーダーの時間)

Its time once again for Class 3-E to integrate themselves with the rest of the school in another attempt at the top class embarrassing them.

We all know how this goes by now.

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Assassination Classroom : Spinning Time

Episode 4

“Tsumugu Jikan” (紡ぐ時間)

Last week was the final battle between Itona and Koro-Sensei, it ended up not with one or the other losing but both winning. Koro-Sensei survived once more and Itona became free from the clutches of Shiro and the tentacles that were slowly killing him.

This week we get to see how Itona is fitting in with the class.

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Assassination Classroom : Summer Festival Time

First Period

“Natsumatsuri no Jikan” (夏祭りの時間)

So without further ado lets just go straight into Season 2.

It starts where the last episode ended, the last evening of their holiday….

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Assassination Classroom : Nagisa Time

Episode 22

“Nagisa no Jikan” (渚の時間)

As I was catching up there is no time to wipe a tear and think about Season 1. There is no point as I’m going to write this review, sit down and watch episode 1 of Season 2 and then just move on. I will have a review of sorts of Season 1 as a whole up at some point purely for our new Anime section which we’re working on.

Regardless. Back to Nagisa, his knife and Takaoka.

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