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Doodle #5

Week 1 Doodles : https://www.instagram.com/p/BAHybCxFhrz/

It isn’t much today unfortunately, after staying up till 4am, not really going to sleep until 5am and therefore waking up at 1pm (actually getting my ass in gear after a shower at 2pm!) I didn’t really have much time to do anything today. By the time I had chosen a hashtag on Twitter that I wanted to do anything about and done the font I had no energy left but didn’t want to skip a day because I couldn’t think of anything. I do need to practise my fonts and stuff anyway so today was that kind of day. I’m working the next three days but I have a few ideas depending on whether my trends are as predictable as ever! Hopefully I’ll at least end the week with a bang!  Ohhhh and I took this picture in a hurry to get it up, I’ve actually put a black line under it as well I’d just forgotten to do so before I took the picture and it took forever to load!

Merry Christmas!!!!

From everyone here on BelieveinGeek.com we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! If you don’t celebrate Christmas then we hope you have a lovely day all the same!

We asked our own real life Humbug to draw us a picture to celebrate…. It isn’t very Christmassy but then she’s not the type to be Christmassy!

We have our year in review blogs starting next week, and normal service the week after. Or at least as normal as our service ever is!

Better photos of each drawing will be put on Anna’s Instagram and hopefully as long as she remembers on our Facebook page – so follow either to see in better detail the first time she drew Saitama (and what the chibi Eddie Ryan looks like without a blue light seemingly shining through his chest!)

No doubt we’ll all be back on Boxing Day to reveal some of our favourite pressies! Hope you all get what you want for Christmas, have a lovely holiday period and once more we’d love to thank everyone who has touched the lives of our authors this year in any which way.

We love you all!!!