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Daily Doodle #27

Apparently its been 30 years since the original Dragon Ball started its run so I decided to draw Goku! Its horrible, I ran out of  flesh colour and still didn’t have enough colours to finish it (pay day isn’t until Monday!) but I thought I’d do something for it.

I’ve never met a single person who dislikes DB. Never. Always preferred Vegeta though, but I thought I’d draw something different.

Daily Doodle #25

As I said yesterday, today I am in Exeter to watch Pro Wrestling Pride’s “Dream of Glory” event starring Tommy Dreamer.

In one of my strange moments I decided to draw this…

If you don’t know why I’m so proud of it I’ll tell you. I can’t really draw without having something to copy, I don’t really have the imagination and definitely don’t have the skills to put pen to paper and do something out of my head. These guys as you can tell suck ass but BUT the important thing is I had nothing to base them off of so they are 100% my own messed up imagination. Hence they suck so badly. By the time I drew Jason Larusso I gave up on trying to draw bodies or position things at all so just covered him up in his cape.

That is what happens when you leave me on my own.

Happy Valentine’s Day

As always at the last minute I was asked to draw something for Valentines Day WHILST working and having to do 100 other things. So I have a half finished drawing which I have to share straight off my phone!


It is also, unfortunately, the wrong way round. I will change that when I get home tonight!

Of course if you are alone on Valentines don’t get all grumpy and upset! There is no limit on the things you are allowed to love. I’ve brought the co-worker I’m working with a card, she’s buying MaccyDs for us and when I get home I shall watch myself some Bottom whilst cuddling into my Lionhearts t-shirt and playing Game of Thrones. Because at the end of the day if you don’t have anyone and your friends are all loved up, busy or miserable you can always love yourself.

As always be safe and happy!

Doodle Restart….

So I failed the challenge. I got let off when I was really ill but can’t really excuse myself right now even though I’m still a bit ill. Therefore here is a message…

I shall restart and try again possibly next week now. Gives me time to get my shit back together!

I need a number though. Pick a number, a high number, and it’ll be my goal to draw a doodle for that amount of days. Any number. Come on be brave and dare me to draw for x amount of days.