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Anime Highlights Week 49

9th – 15th December 2019

With this slow march to the end of the season we’re seeing all sorts of surprises getting thrown in there.

Bjorn is dead, Seiya isn’t all powerful anymore and war is coming in more ways then one in many more series then we can possibly believe.

What has this week got in store for us?!

This week is really short not because I forgot it but I just dunno… I didn’t pick up on many highlights. Honestly.

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Anime Highlights Week 45

11th – 17th November 2019

Last week was a good week to be watching Anime other then that fact that Vinland Saga took a week off which was horrifying when I realised because OMG was that show getting good (it was already good but it was about to be amazing GODDAMMIT I NEEDED MY THORKELL!) this week hopefully will see even more amazing stuffs going down.

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