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Anime Highlights Week 44

4th – 10th November 2019

This week I should be more or less on time so let’s here it for BEING ON TIME!

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Anime Highlights Week 41

14th – 20th October 2019

For a change we’re up to date with the highlights, the new season is in full swing and the remaining shows from last season are continuing to shine. What have we got in store for us this week?!

Also the reason this week’s reviews came out in one big bunch over the weekend was because I had to have a tooth removed, I was in agony from Tuesday-Friday when I finally got it pulled and was only up for doing anything on Saturday.

The very final highlight is a giant spoiler for episode 15 of Vinland Saga by the way so if you haven’t watched it yet looking at a very late highlight blog of last week don’t read it. You’ve been warned, its after Company 7.

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