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Anime Highlights Week 20

I still try so hard to get these done even if in the end everything blends together. I worked out that this week (ending the 26th because lets face it it’ll probably be out after 26th May) is defo week 20 since we started these, I have week 17 done (hopefully out before this with the ones we kind of got up to date with before I had to take some time off but maybe out after depending on if I sorted out the notes) so we continue with gaps in the weeks but I think we are getting there.

Now just for me to sort myself out and we’ll be all fine!

So week 20 which includes things from week 16 probably till now including 4 or so episodes of some shows…

Quick note before publishing…. All the shows up to date are in here other than RobiHachi which I haven’t caught up with having only actually done 2 episodes of in the first place. That and AfterLost might actually just be… Lost and RobiHachi might be one of those shows I will someday get back to. I mean I have a list and it’ll defo be on that list if I don’t get caught up in the next day or so…

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Anime Highlights Week 16

We are here in week 16. Did we actually catch up with everything? What did we like or dislike? These are all questions that you’ll probably know the answers too but let me tell you about them anyway.

EDIT : If you didn’t see on Twitter unfortunately I have had a difficult week or so hence we didn’t have any blogs out last week other than the ones that we had scheduled for last Monday. I’m not truly better yet and there might be a few weeks of catching up. I’m really sorry for this as we were trying so hard to make up for the fact we basically didn’t start the anime’s on the right week and therefore had to get up to date. We hopefully will have some reviews up in the next two or three days at least!

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Anime Highlights Week 14

So as you might have noticed I have posted over the week the highlights that I have done. My main problem is that there have been some shows that I’ve lagged on watching and didn’t want to post the Highlights till I caught up but you know what? I am just making more work for myself and I shouldn’t worry too much about that, I uploaded them more to show what had been the highlights and so that looking back as a series there are less gaps.

I’ll try so hard to keep this all up to date this season but I’ll probably write or have written a diary to explain why it became slowly more difficult as the Winter season went by.

THIS though is the beginning of SPRING! You know bunnies and sheep, eggs and people being tied to crosses… That kind of thing. Though this year it’ll be known as the RETURN OF ONE PUNCH MAN!

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