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Recommendations Needed!

So for people who have been following us for a while you know that we started a series we called Anime Flashback were we basically watched old anime and reviewed a episode weekly.

Only did two officially, Penguindrum and Death Note, and we have Cowboy Bebop in the works but we want to know anime that YOU want us to cover.

It doesn’t have to be a classic, old or anything like that just a complete series.

Just pop a few suggestions for us and you can even ask for who you want to do it! (For example I usually do slice of life because Luc hates them but you an also force it on him *hint hint*) .

Let us know!


Overlord : Player vs Non Playable Character

Episode 13

The fight between Ainz and Shalltear ends as does the first season but will anything be explained when it comes to Shalltear and her mind control?

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Overlord : The Bloody Valkyrie

Episode 12

“Senketsu no ikusaotome” (鮮血の戦乙女)

The penultimate episode see’s the battle between Ainz and Shalltear begin. Will he be able to beat Shalltear without losing her or will he have to destroy her?

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Overlord : Confusion and Understanding

Episode 11

“Konran to haaku” (混乱と把握)

So Shalltear has gone rogue and Ainz seems worried that there is just too many things in this new world that he doesn’t understand. Then again I’m still pretty certain he doesn’t really understand the world he’s in right now full stop.

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Overlord : The Dark Warrior

Episode 9

“Shikkoku no senshi” (漆黒の戦士)

So Ainz is going to kill Clementine for standing in his way whilst Nabe is up against Khajiit. Hopefully they’ll get this over with in one episode and Nfirea can go back to Carne village and just be with the woman he loves seeing none of the Swords are getting a happy ever after.

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Overlord : Twin Swords of Slashing Death

Episode 8

“Shi o kirisaku sōken” (死を切り裂く双剣)

Back in E-Rantel with the Swords and Nfirea as well as Hamsuke the Wise King of the Forest.

Unfortunately Clementine the Assassin was there already as we know from the last episode.

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