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Animal Crossing New Horizons ~ The Game the World Needed ~

If you haven’t noticed the love that the new Animal Crossing on Switch has been getting then I feel like you might be one of the unlucky, or maybe lucky, few.

Gamers all over have taken to living a virtual Island life with animal friends in a time when most places are encouraging you to stay inside just as Spring is starting to hit us with nice weather. With a Pandemic making life extremely difficult for many a cute little game has taken the world by storm.

So how is Animal Crossing New Horizons helping the world in such a tough time?


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Animal Crossing STREAM HYPE!

So I am already 7 and a half hours deep into Animal Crossing on Twitch right now.

I’ve actually had to self isolate and been super ill all week, I’m losing my voice and my mind and barely done anything at all so would love if people wanted to come hang out in chat and cheer my sad ass up today!

Will be streaming most of the day or until my voice finally gives up.

Come hang!