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My Life as a Playlist Week 28

You’ve heard it all before. I’m just trying to come up with things as best I can. I think these ones are turning more philosophical and long reaching then anything else, I mean I’ve come to the conclusion that other than once in a blue moon I don’t actually have much going on in my life that is gonna come up that needs to be discussed.

Hell even only in certain ways would Dolly Parton’s 9-5 be useful, I mean all I do is work and get ready to work some more but I don’t work 9-5, sure I’m barely getting by and its driving me crazy but I need those pennies so that I can buy games and shit.

Plus like who really wants weeks of me quoting Dolly at them?

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365 Challenge : Comedy of Errors

So many times in my life I’ve had one of those days where I wake up in a bad mood, I spill my coffee in the morning, my clothes are either damp still or smell funny or I can’t find something that fits properly. You get to work with a headache, every person you come into contact with make you feel like they are looking for a fight, pens don’t work, computers run slow, documents turn off without saving. Every little thing that pisses you off happens and when it happens it adds a tiny bit more to the headache you woke up with.

You run late, buses don’t show up, the car won’t work, heating is broken and you end up freezing your ass off, people walk into you, doors won’t open, you say the wrong thing at the wrong time and piss someone else off.

When you get home instead of relaxing you find moving in any way just makes the headache worse, you take some pills and can’t shift it and end up going to bed earlier then usual just to lie there awake until the early hours of the morning in total pain.

I can’t write fiction so this will have to do.

These days happen so often that you can start to fear them happening. Its easy to see other people having one of those days, a day where everything they pick up falls out of their hands or when they just aren’t focused enough, and find it funny and laugh but when it happens to you if someone dared laugh at you then they were itching for a fight and you’d give them one. Sometimes I think its our brains way of telling us that its pissed with us but most of the time I just think its life’s way of reminding us that we’re all idiots deep down.