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My Life as a Playlist Week 28

You’ve heard it all before. I’m just trying to come up with things as best I can. I think these ones are turning more philosophical and long reaching then anything else, I mean I’ve come to the conclusion that other than once in a blue moon I don’t actually have much going on in my life that is gonna come up that needs to be discussed.

Hell even only in certain ways would Dolly Parton’s 9-5 be useful, I mean all I do is work and get ready to work some more but I don’t work 9-5, sure I’m barely getting by and its driving me crazy but I need those pennies so that I can buy games and shit.

Plus like who really wants weeks of me quoting Dolly at them?

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365 Challenge : All Grown Up

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever?)

Funny you should ask. I got a jury duty summons the other day which made me feel pretty grown up if I’m honest!

There have been a few times when I’ve done something and felt like a real grown up. That feeling doesn’t last very long though. Mainly at work I guess, when I deal with something really well, usually a pissed off customer, I tend to leave the situation feeling like I’ve handled it like a adult. Most of the time my life isn’t really grown up-ish. I never saw the point in being a adult all the time.

Bills tend to make me feel like a grown up.

Not having to go to school at first made me feel like a adult.

Now I just feel like a nobody all the time.

Then again I think the problem is no one could really tell you what feeling like a grown up is meant to feel like. So many people tell others to act their age or grow up or whatever but what does it even mean? Surely you are who you are and that just develops over time. There isn’t any problem with doing childish things from time to time, and some of my hobbies are classified as “childish” for no other reason then some people don’t like them. I like to read children’s books (reading Roald Dhal books at the moment) and watch kids movies and cartoons. It doesn’t stop me being a adult, unfortunately at the age of 26 I can’t really deny being a adult.

If growing up means being stressed out all the time, angry at the world and having a nagging feeling that I’m going to die alone then I’m already there.

If there is something special to being a adult then please do tell?

I’ll take my crippling anxiety and my childlike ways and sit in a corner if you don’t mind.