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Thirteen : Episode 1

Another random programme from the BBC that I never knew existed till I scrolled down iPlayer.

Thirteen is a story about Ivy Moxam, a girl who has been missing for Thirteen years. We join her right at the beginning of her escape and see how she not only readjusts to life on the outside but how her family and friends from 13 years ago adjust to having her back and how the police handle her case.

I don’t think its based on any true story but its worth the look.

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War and Peace : Episode 4

I apologise that the review is rather late but I completely forgot about it! This week though we have a focus on the Rostov’s, the Bolkonsky’s and Boris Drubetskoy climbing the social ladder.

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War and Peace : Episode 3

Drama is the only word to describe the happenings in War and Peace. We finished last weeks show with Pierre challenging Dolokhov to a duel after finding out that Dolokhov was sleeping with his wife Helene.

Who survives that challenge?

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War and Peace : Episode 2

There was a lot to get our heads around last week, especially if you have never read the book. So any characters and stories to get to know. Now that I have names and stories sorted in my head I’m sure it’ll only get better. Continue reading War and Peace : Episode 2

War and Peace

Another BBC adaptation of a classic to feast our eyes on already in 2016. A all star cast leads one beautiful show.

I have never read “War and Peace” and have no real idea whether I’ll like it or not but the trailers caught my attention so here I am.

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