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Star Player Profile : Andrea Pirlo (Italia)

Italy is one of the homes of football. They have produced some of the greatest footballers in the world, in history, in anything. Not many players are still in the national team from the 2006 World Cup winning squad but one of them is the 35 year old Andrea Pirlo.

When ITV were talking about what England had to do to beat Italy, in fact most places when talking about countries having to beat Italy, the talk focuses on one man and one man only.

Andrea Pirlo.

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FIFA 2014 World Cup : England v Italy

So my second live blog of the tournament. We have ITV’s underdog England v Andrea Pirlo (or Italy… But mainly Pirlo.)

I don’t have to pick sides as I do love Italy, so yes the blog will be Italy biased.

This is actually the first match I’m looking forward to in the first round of matches. Mainly because I love Italy (the only other team I love as much is Germany) and because it gives me a real excuse for being up late tomorrow!

So yes… Lets go Italy!!!

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