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Big Eyes (2014)

The latest film by Tim Burton see’s him tackle another biopic, this time the story of Margaret Keane, the painter of the big eyed waiffs whose paintings rose to fame in the 50s and 60s but her husband took credit for the work until she outed him in the late 60s.

He tells the story with his own flare and style, with Christopher Waltz and Amy Adams taking on the roles of the Keane’s. There is not much that could go wrong in such a strange tale.

With recent Burton movies being slightly disappointing (not including Frankenweenie) many people had wrote the film off before even seeing it. Personally I haven’t been let down by any of his movies but I hadn’t been wow’d by a movie since possibly Big Fish.

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Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice (2016)

I am no fan of Superman and have little interest in the DC Expanded Universe. I was one of those strange people who at the announcement of Ben Affleck being Batman got really excited and went to see the movie PURELY because of the Batfleck.

DCs first step to opening up their universe like the MCU see’s the two biggest DC heroes battle it out. With the help of Wonder Woman and of course the always helpful Lois Lane.

With bad reviews and no one I know enjoying the movie I didn’t go into it hoping for much…

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