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Gangsta Final Thoughts


Recommendation : 100% YES!

I don’t even know why I watched this anime. For many reasons it wasn’t the kind of thing I thought I’d like to watch….

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Gangsta : Absense

Last episode even the characters were getting ready for the inevitable war that is coming. Alex has been warned by Connie to leave, Worick is off presumably to help Monroe, Monroe himself is possibly already dead after his subordinate Ivan pulls a gun on him behind his back, the Paulklee guild is under attack by the Esminets and Bastard is already down regardless of the work to get it going again.

We are still learning but at the same time we’re gearing up for the end of the season.

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Gangsta : Land of Confusion

This episode plays out as the calm before the storm. We’ve had one semi-successful attack on the Cristiano families club Bastard and now we’re gearing up for all out war.

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Gangsta : Evening Dress

There is something more then just interesting about Gangsta. It is the type of Anime that just has a life of its own. You don’t have to spend much time watching it to realise that even the city itself is alive and every part of the story becomes important to you.

I say this as someone who was nearly not even going to bother with it and who didn’t like the first episode so was going to stop watching. Now I can’t imagine a anime that I’ve enjoyed more or think more highly of.

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Gangsta : Thorn

I said it in the last review but we spend a lot of the time in this anime learning something just to have to learn even more about it. I find this interesting to me because it means you always have something new to learn.

After a hard fight in the last episode we now have the fallout of it.

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