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Week 50 : What piece of advice would you give child you?

Absolutely everyone looks back at their life and thinks “If I had a time machine I’d go back and tell myself this or that…” specially specific dates of specific lotteries that will make you rich beyond your dreams.

So what is it that I would tell myself?

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Diary #5 : The Old Me

As you all know I’ve been doing a Daily Doodle since the beginning of January, I’ve also obviously decided to take my time and think about my work instead of having the lazy ass “anything will do” approach that has haunted me for the last few years.

I love scrolling through arty stuff on Tumblr. Whether its graphics, digital drawings, scribbles, hand drawn/painted stuff and everything else. I love scrolling through all the fan fiction blogs, the prompt and Imagine blogs as well as just random pieces of poetry, sayings and all sorts. I love seeing other people being creative…

For the first time in ages though it kind of made me miss the old me.

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365 Challenge : Toot your horn

It is true that I go out of my way not to toot my own horn but as the powers that be in the 365 challenge have told me to do it regardless I have to put some thought into it!

I like to think that I’m pretty good at giving advice.

You might have noticed a few times me saying “I don’t do this but I tell others to do it” because I know that sometimes these things will work for others. I tend to be very good at working my advice out to the person in front of me so I know that if I don’t like something or see the point in it someone else possibly will.

I’ve always loved giving advice, I’m better at giving then receiving though I think that is true of everyone. I’m very nosy so I like to get all the facts and I’m good at friendly pushing people into telling me things that they might not always speak about. I’m genuinely a nice person that cares though so it never comes from a gossip-y place but one of general concern.Then again I guess that is a bit of a cop out itself really. I mean anyone at any given time is good at giving advice.Why do we find it so difficult to praise ourselves I wonder? This is the only thing I could think of to say about myself in a totally positive way yet it isn’t like I dislike myself or think anything I do is terrible.Do you have a problem with praising yourself? Do you have a talent that you don’t mind “tooting your own horn” about?