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PWA : History of Wrestling Mini-Lecture

In the week of PWA’s anniversary show they gave a little mini-lecture on the last 500 years of wrestling. I went along because with three matches and a history lesson how could I ever say no?

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Wrestling Hub March Update

So its a little bit late but not drastically so. I have had a busy start to April but had started to look at the blog since the last Indie show of March.

I was going to do both Indie and WWE this month but decided against it. For many reasons.

Check out the Wrestling Hub for the winners.

A reminder : All of the below and choices finally made are my opinion and my opinion only. People who I pick aren’t necessarily going to be the best of the best but there will be reasons that are explained why they were picked so just read the reasons.

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Plymouth Wrestling Association : British Grand Prix

Its really all change now with PWA. Last show before their 7th Anniversary show, Danny is no longer in the company (big bummer) and on the 17th April Drew Galloway will be in Plymouth to wrestle for the TNA championship against whoever wins the main event tonight.

A tournament to find out the two men going on to battle it for the PWA Championship and a tag team match to see the number one contenders for the tag team belts. It really is all go in the new venue for PWA.

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Best of… Female Wrestlers 2015

We have a male list and we have a female list. As simple as that. Again like the matches, like the male list this is pretty much made up soley of WWE wrestlers as its all we review on the site. Next year as long as plans go well we’ll be a bit more organised but we thought it would make more sense, again, to just stick to what we’ve been talking about all year.

We already know the second we talk about the women wrestlers no one agrees with us so keep your comments civil and reply in the comments.

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Plymouth Wrestling Association : October Overdrive

So the first time since April I went along to our local wrestling promotion. I brought my tickets online (nice and easy) and brought along what is now becoming the “Wrestling Group” (Me, David, Ros and Mother) put on my #BTE t-shirt (mainly because my Tyler Breeze t-shirt turned itself pink in the wash and didn’t dry in time ALSO my mum stole my Bo Dallas t-shirt) and headed down to the Stonehouse Creek Leisure and Social Club for a fun night.

Warning as always. Lots of photos used if not during the review (usually about 2 photos one normal size and one shrunk down) then at the bottom where I hand pick the best I got of the night and just post them. Slower computers beware, I apologise.

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