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My Life as a Playlist Week 32

I’m at a creative loss this week.

In other words since I got home I’ve sat and listened to about 3 hours of music, I’ve scrolled through a million other songs and I’ve even tried to write down how my week has been and….. Nothing.

To be honest it doesn’t even feel like Sunday.

I really am at a loss to what to do because I have no inspiration at all, I just want to cuddle up to my pillow, watch the Cultaholic Podcast and go to sleep.

OK this week I’m just naming my four favourite episodes of the Cultaholic Podcast. Before anyone says anything YES they could all be the episodes with Adam on them but they won’t be. Hopefully. I doubt it. Maybe. I promise not to put Adam’s episodes in there just because.

Allow me at least one.

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5 Things… 2018 has started off so badly (for me) so here are 5 cute Sloths to make you (me) feel happier

Honestly I have managed to get a cold, throat infection, break a tooth and just generally end up a mess with only TWO BLOODY WEEKS OF THE YEAR OVER WITH. This is why our original 5 things post never got finished in time for Thursday and was postponed and why I’ve made a new one to make us happy with the medium of Sloths.

Yes Sloths are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, not only because some of them look like Adam Pacitti, but because they are just the most adorable creatures on the planet. So here are some cute little Sloths to make you, but mainly me, happy if you’ve been having a bad start to 2018.

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WCPW : Loaded 7th September 2017

So its the week that Joe Hendry and El Ligero will find out their punishment for their naughty behaviour after the World Cup came to a end. With BT Gunn losing his Hardcore Championship last week it’ll be interesting to see if Adam Blampied is able to ruin the Prestiges night once more.

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WCPW : No Regrets

You might come on here and wonder why there are three WCPW reviews up in a row. Its because thanks to work, depression and just generally being a shitty person I’ve had the Scottish Qualifiers for the World Cup and nearly the entirety of State of Emergency in my drafts for over a month. I don’t know why I didn’t post the Scottish Qualifiers but State of Emergency I watched everything but the main event before work one day then never caught up with the main event!

No Regrets is late as well thanks to working and not getting online properly until today.

So you get three very late reviews all at the same time. You are welcome you very lucky people.

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