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A Christmas Carol : Chapter One : The Human Beast

A Christmas Carol is a necessity in many houses at Christmas time whether it be the actual story, one of a million adaptations or indeed the Muppets own version which just so happens to be this sites favourite version of all time.

The BBC once more has adapted the story for new audiences with Scrooge himself being played by Guy Pearce.

Was it worth it though?

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Dickensian : Episode 15

Yesterday felt like the opening 30 minutes, or the filler 30 minutes of hour long episode so lets hope this episode manages to make up for that!

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Dickensian : Episode 14

Wicked plots are afoot, one family who thought their problems had ended have now just become worse and Bucket is targeting a child for the murder of a character long since forgotten.

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Dickensian : Episode 13

We continue to watch as Amelia heads towards her damnation and Inspector Bucket feels like he’s closing in on his man.

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Dickensian : Episode 12

Again I apologise for the lateness.

Things have moved on in Dickensian, some for the better and some for the worst. I feel like the series is starting to slow down before a big dramatic ending which isn’t looking good for at least one of the main cast!

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Dickensian : Episode 10

Last week saw the lives of both the Barbary’s and Havisham’s change for the worst.

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Dickensian : Episode 9

Sorry the review is still late! I have been busy and only just caught up with today’s episode!

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Dickensian : Episode 8

Another visit to Dickensian for our catch up. Last episode we saw so much happen to so many characters it promises to all boil over quite soon.

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