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Halloween 3 : Season of the Witch (1982)

After two outings for Michael Myers the Halloween movies took a slightly different turn in 1982. With the thought of making the Franchise into a Anthology Series instead of bringing back Michael Myers, Season of the Witch brought in a completely new story, new themes and even a new genre departing from Slasher Movies and moving onto Witchcraft (not that you wouldn’t have noticed with the name.)

It was the first movie not to star Michael Myers or Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie let alone Daniel Pleasence as Dr. Loomis.

The film flopped, people didn’t like it and when Halloween finally reared its head again Michael Myers was back in the lead role. For me though I’m not so negative about Halloween 3.

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Friday the 13th (2009)

Halloween got rebooted and it was really popular and suddenly reboots of Slasher films became a thing.

In 2009 Jason got the reboot treatment.

Unlike most of the remakes Friday the 13th’s didn’t bother with a hard reboot, it didn’t bother to reintroduce the character it just was another Jason movie. The only thing the reboot did was take away the problem of explaining why Jason isn’t a metal monster after Jason X, making it fit between Freddy vs Jason and Jason X or whatever. It turned back time and gave us a new human Jason who did… Just about everything that Jason did do anyway.

The final Friday the 13th film was also unpopular with critics but so was the rebooted Nightmare on Elm Street and no one on this site agrees with that.

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Jason Goes to Hell : The Final Friday (1993)

The only outing for Jason in the 90s came in the first film by New Line Cinema who had taken the rights to the Franchise. It was, once more, meant to end the series and set up for something a little different, that something didn’t come till the 00s and after yet another Jason outing but we’ll talk about that later.

After one of the worst Jason movies the whole mythology of Jason was explored (kind of) and a new formula was attempted.

There is a lot to be said for The Final Friday.

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Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (1994)

Only 3 years after The Final Nightmare the man who created Freddy and hadn’t been involved in the series since Dream Warriors, Wes Craven, returned to pen and direct a new Krueger movie.

This turned out to be the final movie for nearly a decade for the Dream Master and also marks the final outing of Robert Englund’s Freddy in a singular movie (the next movie and last movie Englund played Freddy is the crossover Freddy vs Jason.)

The movie moves away from the setting of the original run of movies and reinvents Freddy and the situation in a new and well done manner.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street : Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

Pete started off the Halloween season with the first chapter in the story of Freddy Krueger. A year previously and the sweater wearing dream murderer had, or possibly hadn’t, been defeated by Nancy Thompson. I mean the title of the second part in his story is a bit of a give away.

Freddy is back and he wants revenge.

New characters and new nightmares await….

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Raggedy Ann and Andy : A Musical Adventure (1977)

A flash from my childhood, a film that my whole family have wanted on DVD but by the looks of it will never get. Raggedy Ann and Andy :  A Musical Adventure is such a strange and bizarre yet touching movie that as a kid just makes you smile and as a adult makes you scratch your head.

What was it that I loved as a kid and could I find it re-watching it as a adult?

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