Where are you all from?
Out of the six regular bloggers (Amanda, Anna, Lucius, Pete, Rick and Alexx) three are from England, three are FROM America and out of them three two now live in Canada.

How old are you all?
Our ages range from mid 20s to mid 30s. The two babies of the team were born in ’89 and the oldest member was born in ’79.

How did you all meet?
We originally met on a Bruno Senna fan website that Anna run. We were one half of the last members of the site before it closed.

Why did you decide to make the website?
When we started Anna was writing her own personal blog and we all kind of wanted to join in so we made this one and pestered her to join us.

Who are the authors heroes?
Amanda : I possibly don’t have one though I’ve always loved Helen Mirren.
Anna : Has always been Sir Terry Pratchett.
Lucius : Don’t have one.
Rick : My father.
Pete : Bret Hart.
Alexx : Don’t have one.

One thing from your teenager years that shaped your life that we wouldn’t guess?
Amanda : Something someone wouldn’t guess that shaped my teenage years? Hard. Spice Girls? Loved their music and it meant a lot to me.
Anna : Jackass. I don’t even know why.
Lucius : Football. I was good at it and managed to pretend to be interested in it.
Rick : I’m not sure anyone knows that much about me to be honest so I don’t think there is anything you would guess about me.
Pete : F1. I’ve not really ever mentioned it on here but it was the one thing me and my baby brother loved more then wrestling.
Alexx : Cooking. I wanted to be a chef.

Do any of you have any interesting hobbies outside of what you write about?
AmandaΒ : Go Karting.
Anna : Reading, its the only thing I really go when I’m not online.
Lucius : It used to be gardening but I no longer have a garden.
Rick : Cooking.
Pete : Looking after animals. Our house is full of them.
Alexx : Paintballing.

Films that defined your childhood/teenage years?
Amanda : Childhood – Lion King. Teenage Years –
Anna : Childhood – Pagemaster Teenage Years – Empire Records
Lucius : Childhood – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teenage Years – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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