Fairy Tail : The Anime Continues….

It isn’t long before Fairy Tail returns, brought to life in anime form where it left off almost a year ago.

This series means a lot to me, I read and review the manga every week on my personal blog and adore it. I will be reviewing the anime on here when it returns, before then we’ll have a few blogs to bring you up to date and let you know a little about it.

Me and Amanda will be refreshing our memories with Fairy Tail marathons.

I’ll have blogs up with my favourite characters, a bit of background and my favourite stories.

So, who wants to form a team?

The Musketeers : A Rebellious Women

Last weeks episode was so much stronger then in recent weeks, we’ve done away with painstakingly dissecting the Musketeer’s history and focused for a episode on the King with a dastardly plot to dethrone him by his own mother.

And this week’s episode built on that by coming straight back on form.

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The Musketeers : Screencaps

As you know Luc is the one that reviews the Musketeers but I’m the sad one that sits about screencapping the episodes.

I will add the link to the screencaps to each episode as I finish posting them but thought I’d make this post as well to tell you that the first four (technically five) sets are up.

Credits : Here
Episode One – Friends and Enemies :ย Here
Episode Two – Sleight of Hand : Here
Episode Three – Commodities : Here
Episode Four – The Good Soldier : Here
Episode Five – The Home Coming :
Episode Six – The Exiles : Here
Episode Seven – A Rebellious Women : Here

EDIT : Episode Seven has now been added! 12.3.14

Enjoy ! And don’t forget to keep an eye on the forum for more screencaps and fun!

The Musketeers @ GeekMind Forums

The Monuments Men (2014)

Rating :ย 

Last night I went to see a film that it won’t surprise people I went to see. I love the time period it is set in (WWII) as well as half the cast (I literally grew up with Bill Murray and John Goodman films and lets not get into Matt Damon!) I saw two distinctive trailers for the film, one that set it up very much as a comedy film and one that gave it a bit of an edge, so going into the film I wasn’t too sure what I was going to expect to see.

(Many spoilers below just so you know….)

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Hannibal : Kaiseki

The new series of Hannibal started this week. You didn’t know? I’m sure I wrote about it a few days ago! ย I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to write a review of it, though I’m sure you all watched it didn’t you? If not then obviously I’m going to have to up my Hannibal love ins to make you all interested!

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The Musketeers : The Exiles

With episodes so far dealing with a range of back stories and character pieces this weeks episode took a different turn. Instead of focusing on back stories for the Musketeers we got a rip roaring adventure with a little more story for the King!

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