The Walking Dead : Remember

Alexandria, Aaron and Eric’s home. We left the family standing at the gates of Alexandria last week.

The question remains, have they been “out there” for too long to join a community?

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Busy end to week…

I don’t know about the other guys but I’ve had a really busy end to the week. I’ve had a bad headache since last Monday, can’t concentrate on anything and have been working since Friday.

Unfortunately this means last weeks diary as well as the Walking Dead review are going to be put off till tomorrow. At worst they both will be done on Thursday! Which just so happens to be my next day off.

This week I also might miss the Sam and Max review as I haven’t finished playing the last episode and don’t think I’ll get around to it, but I might have something Minecraft-y as someone at work has brought Minecraft and its made me want to do something on there. I did start a project tonight but because I didn’t think it out right it all went wrong I just deleted it and now its too late to start anything else as I’m tired.

I apologise for being terribly late with everything but I’m ill and over worked.

The Musketeers : Through a Glass Darkly

Another late review where it comes to the Musketeers but a episode that might really peak my interest once more with the series.

Another turning point perhaps?

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