The Musketeers : Commodities

After two action packed episodes introducing us to BBC’s newest heroes we finally slow down a step. After watching this episode I found myself moved for many reasons, it was an interesting one for the series to put on so early in the run but a great story was told.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman 1967 – 2014

And I mean come on they put Philip Seymour-Hoffman in the film as Heavensbee…. I’ll admit to being biased I’m in love with that man, he’s one of the greatest actors I’ve ever seen. I don’t really need to say much more than that!

In the last post I made on this page a few days ago after watching The Hunger Games : Catching Fire I wrote that. Days later and I’m saddened by the news that Philip Seymour Hoffman has died.

I really meant what I wrote in that post, anything I have ever watched that man in he has done wonders with the role. From Red Dragon, The Boat that Rocked all the way to The Hunger Games I have loved every character and hung on every word.

The sadness of his passing will be felt for years to come. Thank you for the stories you’ve left us with, characters we’ll never forget.

Hunger Games : Catching Fire (2013)

Rating : 

So today I went to see the last showing of Hunger Games in my local cinema. I’ve been hoping to get a chance to go see it since it was released so happy that I got to see it before it went out of the cinema.

Catching Fire is the second instalment in the Hunger Games trilogy, which is set for four films with the third book being split into Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2. The first film (simply The Hunger Games) was one of my favourite films, I don’t think I’ve seen many films that I’ve loved from beginning to end every time I see it more and more. It made me pick up the books and fall in love with the whole series even more.

But did the second film do it for me?

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Hannibal Season 2 : Excitement Building

So anyone following my other blog last year will know that from the moment I watched the first episode of Hannibal I was hooked. From Apéritif all the way to Savoureux I was hooked and the day the DVD appeared in ASDA was the day I brought it home to cherish forever.

Now we are weeks away from the big Season 2 premier and I can’t be more excited if I tried!

But what makes the show such a wonder to watch?

For me the strength of the casting went a long way to making it a great piece of television.

I’ll admit being slightly biased as I’ve always believed that Mads Mikkelsen is a greatly under appreciated actor and his turn as Hannibal for me proved it once again. There was something so normal and down to Earth about his Hannibal, I grew up with Hopkins as THE Hannibal that everyone knows and I could never really imagine him being just a normal person, Mikkelsen’s is. Maybe it is because it develops the friendship between Hannibal and Graham before Hannibal is “found out” but for me it managed to make me care about Hannibal, not because he was a genius, crazy or whatever else but I found myself agreeing with him and in the end believing in anything he’d say no matter if I knew it was a lie or not.

But for that to work you had to have a great Graham, and Hannibal did in Hugh Dancy. Seeing the world as Will Graham in this series is a complete headache, but like the deductions in Sherlock it became such a unique part of the series. Again you feel so sorry for this character and all the people around him as you follow him down a dark path that leads to… Well. You’ll have to watch Season 1 and find out won’t you?

But even then side characters are just so wonderfully brought to life. My favourite character of the whole series was the obsessive and socially inept Franklin. Such a sweet character that had so little to do with anything but who stood out not as a side character of little importance but as a gem of a character on the sidelines. Gillian Anderson as Dr Bedelia Du Maurier was another gem. She isn’t in much of the series (she’s Hannibals psychiatrist) but the understanding of Hannibal she has compared to ANYONE ELSE around him is amazing and you remember her.

I could go on, its the variety of characters in the show that I enjoyed so much. Caroline Dhavernas as Dr Alana Bloom, what a wonderfully strong character as the only person that really cares about Will. She was another stand out for the series. Laurence Fishburne as Detective Jack Crawford, do I need to say more about that man? And the amount of hatred I had for Freddie (or Fredricka as it was) Lounds was only down to how great Lara Jean Chorostecki played her! I mean its easy to just make Freddie a bad guy and leave it at that but you actually got to see her work and see the destruction she could cause and how far she’d go to do what she wanted.

There are literally too many great actors in this to even name any more! And I haven’t even mentioned any of the bad guys yet.

Because this isn’t a series devoted to 101 ways that Hannibal could kill people. No. It blended the detective drama of the likes of Sherlock and Elementary into a very character driven piece. Each week was a new mystery to be solved by the ever more ill Will Graham, being pushed without any real care by Crawford and prodded at every instance by Hannibal who treated him more like a science experiment then anything else. It was a show about the relationships of the characters, all the characters. It showed how their actions effected not only themselves but others in the wider sense. The murders and crimes were in the background of a much more character driven story that ended in a episode that left me speechless.

Some of the imagery was wonderful within the show from mushroom gardens and angels to the musical and the messy.

No I’m not going to give anything away, other then don’t watch Buffet Froid in the dark like my mum and sister did.

But that was the thing about it. It started with such a wonderful cast who took some wonderful scripts and made them more. I think out of all the stories the only one that disappointed me was Trou Normand and out of all the characters only Abigail failed to impress me. Out of 13 episodes and countless characters that really is brilliant going!

My excitement only raises for Season 2 with the publishing of photos (have you seen the one with Mads and Jack yet *drools*) and the trailer arriving online.

Personally for me it was one of the best things on TV last year. It deserved a lot more credit then it got and I thought eclipsed most of the “most talked about” shows on TV.

It might not be a epic fantasy like Game of Thrones or a wonderfully put together mystery like Broadchurch was, but it was different and it was great TV. I liked that it felt small, it didn’t feel like the whole world cared about these things, it was just the team, all that mattered where the people there on screen.

I will be watching Season 2 eagerly, just a shame that Gideon might not be there *sigh*.

If you haven’t yet watched Season 1, please go out and buy the DVD or track it down on TV if it gets repeated. It is a wonderful show full of amazing characters. If you aren’t left as speechless as me by the last episode you’ll probably still have fallen in love with Alana (and if you haven’t then the naughty step for you because she’s awesome!)

And yes I will be blogging my reaction to Season 2 on here and my personal blog as well as talking about it in our Hannibal thread at .

Amanda’s Diary #1

20, January 2014

Dearest Readers.

This is my first diary to you. Hello dears! Hope you are all well.

I am Amanda, I’m not the oldest member of this blog or the youngest (aww look at Awerka being so young and cute!) I’m also not the most exciting or the most creative. I am just me.

So how does and ordinary girl like myself make an impression on a blog? A blog with much more interesting people?

I make a whole load of stuff up about myself! And write it in a diary that I share with you. Hows that sound?

So wipe all what you just read from your memory and let me introduce myself!

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