RAW Review 5/4/15

Only two weeks to Payback and still the ongoing fight against Kane’s Authority (and deserved respect) and Seth Rollins ego rages on.

Will Seth finally learn to shut his mouth?

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Smackdown Review 4/30/15

Another chapter in the Seth Rollins vs Kane inter house Authority fight rolls onto Smackdown.

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Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic : Come Play with your Big Sister

“Onee-chan to Asobō” (おねえちゃんとあそぼう)

Isami enters the frame this week as the girls try to cheer Shino’s big sister up!

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Week 17

27th April – 3rd May

IMPORTANT : Every week till June 21st I’ll be posting a link to my JustGiving page. I apologise if its annoying but I’m doing the Race for Life this year and will post a small message every week about it. I’ve never done anything like it before and I don’t know many people plus I’ll be talking about it a lot on here anyway so it makes sense to post about it but I beg for anyone to donate to the page if you can, even the smallest of donation will help so much! Even though I work for a different charity cancer research is a charity close to my heart.

The link to my page is HERE and I will be updating it in the next day or so!

So I apologise for doing it every week but at the same time…. I don’t care I’ll be posting it every week.

Week 7 Question :
Do you read? What are your favourite books?

What a stupid question.

YES I read. I read about four or five different books all at once. I read just about anything but I like fantasy and history books the most. My favourite books of all time are the Discworld series by the late great Sir Terry Pratchett, I have a love hate relationship with the Harry Potter books, I love The Odyssey and Iliad as well as Juvenile’s Satires.

But as I said I like a good history book too as well as good biographies. The BBC companion book to the TV series Auschwitz is a intriguing book and there are way too many decent books on Roman history as well as things like Cicero’s letters. As for biographies my favourites have been Mick Foley’s books as well as Alex James “A bit of a Blur” (he is in the band Blur if you didn’t know.)

But I have all sorts of books that I read. I also read a few manga series as well as used to collect the CSI books and in general will read just about anything if someone tells me its good.

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Show by Rock!! : Enchanting Dream Fireworks of a Night Journey

“Tabiji Yoiyoi Yume Hanabi” (旅路宵酔ゐ夢花火)

The bands just keep coming, every week we have a new group to hear from and more blandness from Plasmagica.

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Avengers : Age of Ultron (2015)

The end of Phase Two comes packaged as another blockbuster get together between the whole of the MCU.

Written and directed once more by Joss Whedon and starring the all star Marvel universe of characters from Robert Downey Jrs Iron Man, Chris Evans Captain America to Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner and introducing Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), James Spader as the voice of Ultron and returning yet for the first time being seen on the screen, my favourite, Paul Bettany as the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S and also playing Vision.

If we thought Avengers was big they’ve doubled up their efforts for Age of Ultron.

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