Free! Eternal Summer : The Open turn of Destiny!

“Unmei no Nebā Tān!” (運命のネバーターン!)

I have predicted that in the run down to the final we are going to have drama followed by drama and ending in tears, laughter and drama!

We’ve had a lot of work on Sousuke who is now content because he has completed his dream but what about Haru? And the much forgotten about at times Mako?

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Gotham : Viper

The politics of Gotham really shined in the last episode (Arkham) bringing the big name gang families to the front. Falcone ended up on the losing end but unknown to Maroni he might have won the battle for Arkham but he’s been infiltrated by Oswald Cobblepot.

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Free! Eternal Summer : The Six-Beat Kick of Tears

“Namida no Shikkusu-Bīto!” (涙のシックスビート!)

I’m late, I know that and I’m sorry but we are now on the last legs of Free! (which is officially over in real time) and we are in for a tear jerker (just look at that title!)

So what is happening?

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Gaming Babble Blog : Final Fantasy VII Part 1

Or leaving Midgar and brooding Sephiroth

Quick Introduction to the new blog :-

It possibly isn’t hard to figure out what kind of blog this is going to be? I’ll be exploring some of my favourite games and writing about the experiences we go through. The blogs will come sporadically as I won’t bore you to death with levelling blogs and also I need to fit it in when I can. Of course some blogs won’t take as long as others being shorter games but the idea of the blog is that we can go more in depth talking about points in the game then you would be able to with one big review at the end.

Quick Introduction to Final Fantasy VII (or abbreviated to FFVII) :-

Well who doesn’t know FFVII?! It is by far the most popular game in the Final Fantasy series, it has spawned many other games and a whole film. It is where some of the most popular FF characters come from (Cloud, Yuffie, Sephiroth and Vincent just to name a few) and has one of the most ridiculously fun and emotional stories.

SAYING all that it isn’t actually my favourite FF game. It probably is my second but my first will be a controversial choice of the series next outing in FFVIII. We’ll talk about that in another blog for another time though.

FFVII see’s the struggle of Cloud and the group he’s attached himself too (AVALANCHE) as he tries to piece together a puzzle surrounding Jenovah, Shinra and Sephiroth. THE JRPG of our lifetime.

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Strictly Come Dancing Week 5

Last week we said a classy goodbye to Tim and Natalie after a shocking results show that saw Mark and Karen join them in the bottom two.

Halloween has been pushed back to next week (oh no) so this week we have another good old fashioned week of dancing. Who has improved and who should go home?

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Detachment (2011)

Rating : 

One big fact about me is I will sit down and watch just about ANYTHING that stars Adrien Brody in it. There are two actors I can say that about, the other being Karl Urban. I won’t even look to see what a film is about as long as it has one of two of them in it I’ll watch it.

Detachment was one of those films that I didn’t even bother to read about.

And you really don’t need to bother reading about it because from the moment it starts you get hooked in on such a interesting and bleak story.

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